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After spending a lot of time on Pinterest and talking with my daughters, I found that there are limited fashion blogs for those over 50! I strongly believe that you can look great at any age and I wanted to prove that! I also believe that there are some definite things that we more "seasoned women" should just let the younger crowd  carry.  I am no longer in denial that the grey roots and fine lines are here to stay. (Thank goodness for my hairdresser and good make-up).  I embrace who I am and where I am at in life.

Along with sharing what makes a great outfit, I will be sharing what I do for myself.  As a recent "empty nester" I find I have time on my hands,  so as I work on other projects I will share those as well.  I Would love to hear what you are doing to stay productive and busy!  I want to see myself quilting more and losing myself in family history.

I will try to post something often to let you know what I'm wearing, and also what my friends are wearing!  I have always claimed I am a great copy cat.
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